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DFB & DFB-QCL Laser Diodes

Single Mode Pump Laser Diodes


Nano-Giga offers wide range of pump laser products with outstanding characteristics and reliability. Fitel is known as the market-leading brand for 1480/14xx-nm pump laser modules that has 400mW operating power. For Raman application, various wavelength that covers S-,C- and L-band can be selected. Furukawa also offers 980nm pump lasers with very high power up to 450mW operating. Polarization maintaining fiber(PMF) pigtail is implemented to achieve excellent stability of output power and spectrum. All PMF type is available for fiber laser or frequency doubling applications.

EM4's range of near infra-red fiber coupled pump lasers are designed for the harsh environments associated with defense, industrial and telecommunication applications. We have an excellent track record of supporting fiber telecoms, fiber lasers, fiber amplifiers, fiber optic sensing and free space communications.

Our product range includes high power diode lasers at 97x nm, 980 nm and 1060 nm. These are suitable for pumping Erbium (Eb) Doped Fiber Amplifiers (EDFA's) and Ytterbium (Yb) fiber amplifiers (YDFA's). These single mode diode lasers are also excellent pumps for femto-second fiber lasers.


• Pump Source for Er-Doped Fiber Amplifier
• C- and/or L-Band EDFA
• Single Channel Amp to DWDM Amp

Telecom Laser Diodes


Nano-Giga offers DFB from Fitel who has been providing signal lasers to various applications. In DWDM systems, wavelength selected DFB lasers cover ITU-T recommended wavelengths of C-band and L-band. In CWDM systems, 8 channels of 1470nm to 1610nm are in mass production with various packaging options at present. We also supply analog DFB lasers employed for CATV/FTTx systems and optical repeater systems in wireless communication. To get a data sheet of pdf format, please click the part number of the following product list.


• Long haul WDM transmission
• RF Links

• OC-192/STM-64 Transmission Systems
• Probe Light Source

Gas Sensing & Metrology Laser Diodes


Nano-Giga supplies single mode laser diodes (DFB ) over wide wavelength ranges with narrow spectral linewidth, high power or customized spectrum shape.  Packages include 14-Pin Butterfly, TO (with TEC),High-Speed 7-Pin Butterfly (with K Connector), co-axialmodule and now, a Laser Butterfly Integrated with a Driver and TEC controller – The DX1.

  •  Quality Spectral Performanc
  •  Monolithic design without external cavity
  •  Tunable by either temperature or current
  •  Low sensitivity to mechanical vibration
  •  Range of packaging options available

Wavelengths available, 760nm,780nm, 1278nm, 1312nm, 1393nm, 1512nm, 1550nm, 1654nm, 1742nm, 1877nm, 2004nm, 2050nm,2330nm,2465-2505nm, 3230-3270nm Other wavelengths, please contact us



• gas detection CO2, H2O, CH4, HF , NH3 etc…
  • metrology,
  • medical applications

Laser Diode SLM Narrow Linewidth


Eblana's NLW series has become the industry standard in monolithic, ultra narrow linewidth laser diodes in the near infrared. Built on Eblana's Discrete Mode technology platform these lasers are the ultimate solution where the highest spectral purity must be delivered in the harshest environmental conditions.

  • Standard Linewidths down to sub 100kHz
  • Monolithic design without external cavity
  • Tunable by either temperature or current
  • Low sensitivity to mechanical vibration
  • Injection Locking versions available
  • Wavelength may be specified to custom value


       • Optical Sensing
       • Lidar
       • Coherent communications
       • Interferometery
       • Test and Measurement

DFB-QCL Diodes

    Single mode quantum cascade lasers in the MID-IR   

Quantum Cascade lasers are able to reach very high power emission over the entire
mid- and far-infrared spectrum, but as of today, they are still characterized by low efficiency when compared with currently available laser diodes operating in the near-IR. Quantum cascade (QCL) lasers are innovative coherent light sources in the mid-infrared wavelength region. This wavelength range is of particular importance for:


  Gas sensing
 • Liquid phase sensing
 • Tera Hertz generation
 • Spectroscopy applications.


Mid-Infared Region

High Power 1550 nm DFB & Module


DFB Lasers and Modules

EM4 designs, develops and manufactures state-of-the-art, ruggedized, optoelectronic components and packages  for the Defense, Aerospace, Life Science, CATV, Telecommunication and Industrial markets. EM4 is part of a global group of specialized optical companies that form Gooch & Housego.

Nano-Giga offers distributed feedback lasers (DFB lasers) simultaneously provide smooth, tunable control of wavelength and the extremely narrow spectral width required for precise fiber optic communication and spectroscopy applications. Integrated modules provide further narrowing of the spectral line in a compact OEM package that features simple tuning interface. G&H offers a broad range of DFB lasers in the C-band and L-band on 50 or 100 GHz channel spacing as well as at 1310 nm and 1064 nm. Power level options include 40-100 mW out of the fiber for high power 14-pin lasers and 10-18 mW options for high bandwidth 7-pin configurations. 


• Transmissions analogiques / RoF
• RF Links
•Optique micro-onde
•Test et instrumentation