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Optical Amplifiers

EDFA Amplifiers

 Product description

EDFA Erbium-doped Fiber Amplifiers

EDFA amplifier (Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier) itself emits radiatively in a signal band using excitation energy supplied to it by photons in a pump band when stimulated by incoming photons in the signal band

We provide different kinds of EDFA with Bench Top , Rackmount or OEM module  version: 

•EDFA, C-Band, L-Band, C+L Band
•EDFA-Gain-Flattened EDFA for DWDM, Booster, In-line, Mid-stage Access
•EDFA-High Power Fiber Amplifiers, Er/Yb double-clad, Up to 40dBm
•EDFA-Polarization Maintaining (PM), 17dBm to 36dBm
•EDFA- Low Noise optical amplifier


YDFA Amplifiers

Product description

Ytterbium-doped Fiber Amplifiers (YDFAs), are made with high power pump lasers and high stability pump combiners, robust in high power boosting. The result are YDFAs that possess high output power, high gain with exceptionally reliable performance, and are ideal for high power YDFA applications. The turnkey microprocessor controlled benchtop YDFAs manage alarms and statusw indicators. An integrated RS232 or Ethernet computer interface enables easy control, diagnostic functions and data acquisition. Available options include single frequency operation, linearly polarized operation.

Raman Amplifier

Product description

Raman Amplifiers, C-Band, L-Band, C+L Band

Raman Amplifier are high power laser light source for distributed optical amplification of optical signals in the C or L bands. These unit feature 2 or 4 pumping wavelengths for gain flattened amplification. It is a ready-to-use optical amplifier equipped with a broadband pump/ signal combiner and separate power monitoring for each channel.

Both benchtop and rackmount versions

Amplifiers- Other Range

Product description

Optical Fiber Amplifier Series

We provide different kinds of optical amplifiers with Bench Top , Rackmount or OEM module: 

    •O band(1.31µm) optical fiber amplifier (PDFA)
    •S band(1.49µm) optical fiber amplifier (TDFA)
    •850nm band optical fiber amplifier
   • 980nm band optical fiber amplifier
    •X band(1µm) optical fiber amplifier