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ZBLAN fluoride glass fibers & cables

Non-Doped Single Mode Fluoride Fiber

ZBLAN - Non-doped SMFF(Single Mode Fluoride Fiber)

Single mode ZBLAN fibers with cout-off wavelengths of 2.5µm are very useful for spectral analysys in mid IR region, because of low optical loss and stable waveguide properties


ZBLAN - RE doped SMFF(Single Mode Fluoride Fiber)

Rare earth doped SMFF enable to get high efficiency emissions easily, and are used for fiber lasers, optical amplifiers, and so on. Fiber module with pig-tail of silica fibers are also available.

Multi Mode Fluoride Fiber

ZBLAN - Non-doped MMFF(Multi Mode Fluoride Fiber)

MMFF(ZMF series) , which have a broad transmission range from 0.35µm upto 4µm, are suitable for NIR & IR spectrum guides. In addition to the form of resin coating fibers, fiber patch cords with connectotrs and bundled cables are also available.

Double Cladding Fluoride Fiber

ZBLAN - DCFF(Double Cladding Fluoride Fiber)

ZBLAN-DCFF (Double Cladding Fluoride Fiber) is very useful for high power fiber lasers and amplifiers with unique wavelengths such as 1.3um,1.46um,2.3um, and 2.8um. Especially, our octagonal cladding DCFF manufactured by unique fiber making process benefits superior pump absorption efficiency and easy fiber handling.