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AlF3-fluoride glass fibers & cables

AIF3-Fluoride Glass Fiber

AlF3-based fiber for 2.9μm Er:YAG laser power delivery 

Though IR transmission range in AlF3-based fiber is not as wide as in ZBLAN fiber, it has low optical loss at 2.94µm, higher laser damage thresholds, better mechanical properties and more excellent durability against moisture

                                (See Table1). Thus, AlF3-based fiber is applied to optical guides for Er-YAG laser delivery. 

 Properties AlF3 glass ZBLAN glass
Optical  Transmission range 0.3~3.5µm 0.35~4.0µm
Refractive index(nd) 1.46 1.51
Thermal  Glass transition temperature(Tg) 367°C 265°C
Thermal expansion(a) 186x10-7/°C 200x10-7/°C
Chemical  Water solubility(Dw) 0.27wt% 29.2wt%
Acid solubility(Da) 0.69wt%* 32wt%*
Physical  Density 3.85g/cm3 4.50g/cm3
Mechanical  Young's modulus(E) 66GPa 53GPa
Knoop hardness(HK) 3.1GPa 2.2GPa