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Sensor Interrogation System

FBG interrogation System

CA9037 high resolution fiber grating sensor interrogating system is aPC-based, high laser power, high wavelength accuracy, multi-channel and large numberFBG sensors capability interrogating system. The system includes an external device, PC-based application software and optional high performance laptop. With a build-in tunablelaser source and multichannel detectors(from 2 ~ 64 channels optional), the system canperformance a high accuraccy FBG sensors interogating and optical spectrum analyzer.


• Spectrum measurement over 40 nm with 2 pm Scan-to-scan repeatability
• 2~ 64 channels detectors enabling the measurement of sensors in transmissionand reflection
• Built-in single board computer, display, and instrument control panel
• Display strain, pressure, temperature and other parameters intext and history curves per application apply to.
• Data is easily transferred to PC via RS232 or USB interface
• Light source, power sensor and dataanalyze were built into a single compact system.• High accuracy, high optical power,long distance, multi-channel testingcapability.

With sensors suitable for surface bonding or embedding in composites, this technology can accomplish your objectives either by direct integration during manufacturing or later installation.

  • Non-destructive testing
  • In-situ strain & temperature monitoring
  • Design verification
  • Structural load & fatigue testing
  • Embedded sensing
  • Composite cure monitoring
  • Structural health monitoring
  • Stress analysis


Miniaturized Fiber Bragg Grating Sensor Interrogators


Miniaturized Transceivers FBG