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Test & Measurement and Instrumentation

Laser Linewidth/Frequency Noise Measurement System


OEwaves’ ultra-narrow Automated Laser Linewidth and Frequency Noise Measurement System u ti lizes a homodyne methodology for automated measurement capable of tes ti ng ultra-low phase noise laser sources. The user friendly test system is capable of rapidly measuring <100 Hz of Lorentzian linewidth of a laser source without the complicated setup typically required to make such a narrow linewidth measurement.

This homodyne based system is unique in wide band measurement without requiring another low noise reference laser source. The complete system operates with ease, speed and precision, and a simple graphic user interface via a tablet, without requiring any additional test equipment. The unmatched ultra-low phase/frequency noise measurement system is scalable to various input wavelengths and capable of low relative intensity noise (RIN) measurement.



  • Ultra-Narrow/Low Linewidth/ Frequency Noise Measurement
  • Fast Real-Time Measurement
  • RIN Measurements
  • Fully Automated
  • No Low Noise Reference Source Required
  • User Friendly Interface
  • Simple PC-based Operation
  • 1U x 19” Rack System
  • Customisable Configurations, Upgrades and Options


Optional Configurations

  • Extended input wavelength range measurements within 1-2 um
  • Extended Input Power Range
  • Performance Level and Frequency
  • Range Options and Upgrades

Polarization Scrambler


Polarization dependence is one of the biggest issues in fiber-optic measurement, communications and sensors. PDL in components and equipments, Polarization Dependent Gain (PDG) in EDFA are typical examples. Depolarizing is one of the solutions for the polarizing problems. Polarization Scrambler provides the best solution for most situations in which the depolarization is needed.

PMD Emulator


FIBERPRO ’s PMD(Polarization Mode Dispersion) Emulator Solution PE4100 & PE4200 can simulate the effect of PMD of several hundreds kilometers of optical fiber on the signal.(Pseudo-Maxwellian distribution) Also PE4200 can generate the first-order PMD with no higher-order PMD.

CDE-Chromatic Dispersion Emulator

   Product description

This 1U half 19-inch rack mountable module is designed to emulate tens of thousands of picoseconds per nanometer in a compact unit while maintaining 
very low insertion loss. Enti rely passive, it can be cascaded several times to achieve the desired dispersion level. 

Based on TeraXion’s well-established FBG-based technology, this emulator has a very low latency, a high input power handling and minimal non-linear 
behavior. It is perfectly suited for test and measurement applications such as coherent system field assembly testing.  
Sub-band emulation  

  • Up to 45,000 ps/nm per module 
  • Ultra low inserti on loss  
  • 1U half 19-inch rack mountable 
  • Flat or slope-matched 
  • Low latency