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DFB & DFB-QCL Laser Diodes

Single Mode Pump Laser Diodes


Nano-Giga offers wide range of pump laser products with outstanding characteristics and reliability. Fitel is known as the market-leading brand for 1480/14xx-nm pump laser modules that has 400mW operating power. For Raman application, various wavelength that covers S-,C- and L-band can be selected. Furukawa also offers 980nm pump lasers with very high power up to 450mW operating. Polarization maintaining fiber(PMF) pigtail is implemented to achieve excellent stability of output power and spectrum. All PMF type is available for fiber laser or frequency doubling applications.

EM4's range of near infra-red fiber coupled pump lasers are designed for the harsh environments associated with defense, industrial and telecommunication applications. We have an excellent track record of supporting fiber telecoms, fiber lasers, fiber amplifiers, fiber optic sensing and free space communications.

Our product range includes high power diode lasers at 97x nm, 980 nm and 1060 nm. These are suitable for pumping Erbium (Eb) Doped Fiber Amplifiers (EDFA's) and Ytterbium (Yb) fiber amplifiers (YDFA's). These single mode diode lasers are also excellent pumps for femto-second fiber lasers.


• Pump Source for Er-Doped Fiber Amplifier
• C- and/or L-Band EDFA
• Single Channel Amp to DWDM Amp

Single Mode Pump Laser Diodes