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DFB & DFB-QCL Laser Diodes

Telecom Laser Diodes


Nano-Giga offers DFB from Fitel who has been providing signal lasers to various applications. In DWDM systems, wavelength selected DFB lasers cover ITU-T recommended wavelengths of C-band and L-band. In CWDM systems, 8 channels of 1470nm to 1610nm are in mass production with various packaging options at present. We also supply analog DFB lasers employed for CATV/FTTx systems and optical repeater systems in wireless communication. To get a data sheet of pdf format, please click the part number of the following product list.


• Long haul WDM transmission
• RF Links

• OC-192/STM-64 Transmission Systems
• Probe Light Source

Telecom Laser Diodes