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DFB & DFB-QCL Laser Diodes

Gas Sensing & Metrology Laser Diodes


Nano-Giga supplies single mode laser diodes (DFB ) over wide wavelength ranges with narrow spectral linewidth, high power or customized spectrum shape.  Packages include 14-Pin Butterfly, TO (with TEC),High-Speed 7-Pin Butterfly (with K Connector), co-axialmodule and now, a Laser Butterfly Integrated with a Driver and TEC controller – The DX1.

  •  Quality Spectral Performanc
  •  Monolithic design without external cavity
  •  Tunable by either temperature or current
  •  Low sensitivity to mechanical vibration
  •  Range of packaging options available

Wavelengths available, 760nm,780nm, 1278nm, 1312nm, 1393nm, 1512nm, 1550nm, 1654nm, 1742nm, 1877nm, 2004nm, 2050nm,2330nm,2465-2505nm, 3230-3270nm Other wavelengths, please contact us



• gas detection CO2, H2O, CH4, HF , NH3 etc…
  • metrology,
  • medical applications

Gas Sensing & Metrology Laser Diodes