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Solid-State Lasers

266nm CW DPSS Lasers SLM

Product description


The DPSS CW deep UV Laser series FQCW-266 comes with a resonant frequency conversion stage, emitting a fixed wavelength of 266nm. The laser head is contained in a sealed aluminium housing, which allows operation in a wide range of environmental conditions. Heat removal from the laser head is done by air convection, no other provisions (chiller, fan etc.) are needed. The FQCW266-series of DPSS CW deep UV lasers deliver up to 200 mW at 266 nm in single frequency operation. Compared to other CW lasers at 266nm, the FQCW266 systems have a long coherence length of more than 1000 m, narrow line width (<300 kHz), low power consumption of less than 200W (average 100W) and a small footprint of only 380 x 270 mm. The FQCW-266 plug & play laser comes with a control unit, allowing either push button control or remote control operation via serial (RS232 & USB) interface. The lasers offer excellent beam quality with an M2 below 1.3 , beam divergence below 0.8mrad (full angle), low intensity noise below 0.5% rms (100 kHz-10MHz) and a good power stability (<1% in 8 hours)

Laser DPSS UV single mode