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Special Lasers

Module laser 2um -raie ultra-fine KHz


The 2um Ultra-Narrow Linewidth Laser Module with less than a kHz Lorentzian linewidth in a compact package. The new product extends its line of ultra-narrow linewidth lasers operating in the C-band.

The 2um Ultra-Narrow Linewidth Laser Module is based on the self-injection locking of a semiconductor laser to OEwaves’ proprietary Whispering Gallery Mode (WGM) microresonator. The new module also houses a low noise laser driver, TEC drivers, and controller with proprietary algorithm for enhanced performance and stability, all in a small form factor. A built in USB interface enables user-friendly command and control as well as an RS-232 option. The laser module exhibits long term frequency stability, ultra-low frequency noise, and wide thermal tunability.

The 2um Ultra-Narrow Linewidth Laser Module was developed to meet the growing demands of the commercial, defense, and R&D markets for narrow linewidth, single-mode CW sources for a variety of gas sensing, coherent-LIDAR, frequency-conversion, and test and measurement applications.


Ultra-Narrow Instantaneous and Dynamic Laser Linewidth<200Hz
Ultra-Low Phase/Frequency Noise
1900-2100 Band Wavelength Support
Wide Thermal Tuning Range


. Coherent LIDAR
. Optical Metrology and Spectroscopy
. Interferometric Optical Sensing
. Smart Structures
. Pipeline Monitoring and Leak Dection
. Gas Sensing