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Special Lasers

Frequency Locked Laser


Module laser ultra- stable locké sur cellule à gaz.

The Wavelength References Clarity laser family locks a laser emission to a molecular absorption l ine. The instrument drives a semiconductor laser in a unique configuration that creates super b frequency stability traceable to a physical constant and thus forms primary frequency standard. The Clarity ca n lock to several transit ions and materials, check for availability.
The locking mechanism also has the ability to narrow the linewidth of the laser which when coupled with our low noise electronic s can achieve a linewidth of <30 KHz making the product idea l for a wide range of interferometric applications . Unlike other lasers marketed at this application the low phase noise persists over even low frequency where often 1/f components are significant and can be troublesome. We can offer custom module or board only designs for OEM applications that have very attractive price, form factor, and power dissipation.


Narrow linewidth <30KHz
The ultimate in stablity and accuracy
Low cost
1300-1500 Band Wavelength Support
Allan deviation <


. Calibration for optical instrumentation
. Optical Metrology
. Interferometric Optical Sensing
. Smart Structures
. Pipeline Monitoring
. Gas Sensing

Lasers asservis sur cellule à gaz