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Fixe/Tunable Optical Filters

Tunable optical filters -fiber-coupled 1000~1600nm


WLTF- is full series of fiber pigtailed tunable optical filters built with free-space diffraction gratings. Advanced design based on optical Fourier transform offers flexible spectral filtering of narrow bandwidth, wide bandwidth, long-/short- bandpass and adjustable bandwidth  over 1000-1700nm.

The filter is built based on company's proprietary platform of "Crystal-Bench". Unique design and proprietary platform offer the filter unprecedented low insertion loss & polarization-dependent loss. Precise tuning mechanism provides filter high wavelength resolution and excellent wavelength repeatability. 

Besides standard manual and electrical versions,  custom OEM solution is also available on request. For more details, see the filters below.


  • Center wavelengths available from 1000 nm to 1650 nm
  • Filter line widths 0.1 nm - 1.5 nm, typically.
  • Tuning range typ. 60 - 140 nm wide
  • Manual tuning  or computer controlled tuning (USB connector)


  • High in-band transmission
  • High out-band suppression
  • Very good overall performance
  • Lower cost than other solutions


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Manual Narrow Bandwidth Tunable Filter WLTF-NM  PDF   Manual Wide Bandwidth Tunable Filter WLTF-WM  PDF  Manual Bandpass Tunable Filter WLTF-BM   PDF 
Electrical Narrow Bandwidth Tunable Filter WLTF-NE   PDF  Electrical Wide Bandwidth Tunable Filter WLTF-WE  PDF  Electrical Bandpass Tunable Filter WLTF-BE  PDF 
Manual Bandwidth-Adjustable Tunable Filter WLTF-BA  PDF