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Pulse Stretchers for Ultrafast Fiber Lasers

Product description

Pulse Stretchers for Ultrafast Fiber Lasers PSR are pulse stretchers intended for ultrafast fiber lasers. These chirped fiber Bragg gratings are compact, low-loss components with minimal group delay ripples.

The TPSR allows for precise control of pulse duration in an ultrafast fiber laser. Used as a pulse stretcher, TeraXion's TPSR greatly simplifies the bulk optics alignment of the chirped amplification stage of a femtosecond laser. It allows for dynamic tuning of the pulse duration and the laser output peak power.


  • Available from 800 to 2400 nm 
  • β2, β3, β4 ... adustable
  • Up to 10 ns stretching
  • Lowl loss


PWS-PSR- Pulse Stretchers for Ultrafast Fiber Lasers

PWS-TPSR Élargisseur d'impulsion accordable