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About us


NANO-GIGA ’s mission is to be, the most valued photonics partner by customer and supplier alike.

From our new, purpose built operation in Europe, NANO-GIGA specializes in the supply of premium photonics solutions to France and Europe.

Our challenge is to breakout with traditional marketing product and focus on the relational approach. We emphasize customer retention and satisfaction, rather than a dominant focus on sales transactions. Our company philosophy is to cultivate and maintain long term relationships with all of our clients. We are staffed by a team of technically competent and fully trained personnel, able to understand the requirements of complex photonics based projects. Furthermore with a detailed appreciation of its suppliers capabilities, the team are able to successfully advocate, guide and manage the photonics element of these projects.



Strategy 100% focused on Customers

  •  Activities driven by customer demand
  •  Introducing challenging solutions
  •  Internal technical expertise & support / Visits and tours arrangement


A flexible sales approach

  •  Using classical buy and resell model while selling at manufacturer prices.
  •  Based on rep model through commissioning
  •  Choice upon customer decision or business driven

We are passionate about photonics and concentrate exclusively on the provision of the very best in leading-edge high-tech photonic products. These are specially sourced from all over the world, to meet the most exacting needs ofindustrial, medical, defence and research institutes.

Moreover, amoung our customers we work with companies and research center in Germany, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland and Russia.

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