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Our equipment and systems meet the needs of science and industry. Nano-Giga offers the latest leading-edge photonics product solutions, available in standard and customised configurations. 

Lasers & Light Sources

Our laser sources cover a broad spectrum – Ultra-Narrow Linewidth (1Hz) to broad linewidth ASE/SLED/White sources(few hundreds nm). Multiple choices are available, DPSS lasers, laser diodes & diode modules,nano to femtosecond lasers,fibre lasers, tunable lasers, with wavelengths from the UV to the NIR,and optical powers ranging from a few mW to several watts.

Fiber Optic Components

Fiber products available are active or passive, optic switches, WDMs, isolators, couplers, collimators. Nano-Giga offers high-power reflectors, pulse stretchers, custom filters, FBG-based filters and dispersion management solutions for telecom. Our active fiber systems are Optical Amplifiers, EDFA, YDFA, Raman,O-band and X-band.

Fluoride Fibers & Cables

Based upon zirconium fluoride (ZrF4) host glasses, feature excellent mechanical flexibility, good environmental stability, and high transmission over the 300 nm - 4.5 µm spectral range. With good mechanical resistance, good power transmission, low Fresnel losses, fluoride glass infrared fibers responds to the needs of the industry & reasearch.

Sensing / Detectors

Nano-Giga supplies a full range of sensing components, photodiodes, photoresistors, pyroelectric sensors to detect temperature / stress distributed on optical fiber (FBG Interrogators and FBG sensors).


Nano-Giga offers a broad range of tools and test equipment, Power Meter, Optical Spectrum Analyzers, PDL Scrambler, Benchtop tunable attenuators, Automated Laser Linewidth/Frequency Noise Measurement System, Laser beam controler etc...

Optical Modulators

Nano-Giga supplies different kinds of optical modulators: Acousto-optic modulators used for switching,adjusting the amplitude,frequency shifting of a laser beam. Electro-optic modulators used for modifying the polarization, phase or power(Intensity and phase)for data rates from 10 to 40 Gb/s. Chopper wheels can periodically switch the optical power of a light beam.