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Modulateurs optiques

Modulateurs fibrés LiNbO3


EOSPACE specializes in manufacturing the highest performance Electro-Optical integrated circuits (ICs) and components for discriminating builders of next-generation optical telecommunication systems.

EOSPACE products feature exceptionally low insertion loss and broad bandwidth, and are based on proprietary lithium niobate (LiNbO3) integrated optics technology.  This state-of-the-art optical IC technology was developed originally for very demanding aerospace applications requiring high frequency microwave fiber-optic transmission.  

EOSPACE's optical integrated circuit technology is now available for both wideband commercial telecommunications and aerospace applications.

Composants Acousto-optiques


Acousto optic devices create an optical grating in a crystal by means of acoustic waves and can thus be used to change direction, frequency and intensity of a laser beam. The products available from Nano-Giga feature very high switching speed and excellent diffractive efficiency and thus maintain laser performance. Fiber-coupled devices are also available.