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Diodes laser de puissance

Single Emitters
Single Emitters

Deliver up to 10W in CW. They are available in the following wavelengths: 635 nm/792 nm 808 nm / 825 nm / 880 nm 915 nm / 940 nm / 976 nm 1064 nm /1470 nm / 1550 nm The single emitter laser diodes have been demonstrated to be of high quality with long lifetime making them suitable for robust industrial applications.  

  • high reliability, high brightness, high stability, added advantages due to AuSn bonding, and flexible fast and slow axis divergence. 
  • light source of security devices, IR illumination and GB pumping source for laser display..
nano-giga AuSn soudure  - Output power: 0.35-5W(CW)
    - Wavelength: 635~1550nm
    - AuSn or Indium bonding
    - FAC available
    - Display and pump application>
nano-giga Indium soudure


- Output power: 0.35-10W(CW)
    - Wavelength: 635~1550nm
    - AuSn bonding
    - FAC and/or SAC available
    - Display and pump application

F-montage laser simple diode émettrice (CW)

C-mount Diode Laser