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Diodes laser de puissance

Vertical Stack Diode Lasers
Vertical Stack Diode Lasers


Advantages  Applications 
- uniform beam profile, low smile, narrow spectrum and long lifetime. - medical, material processing, solid state laser pumping and scientific research.
-compact size, indium free bonding, high power, narrow spectrum and long lifetime.   
Cooling Method
Configuration Features
Water Cooled


- Application: pumping, material processing, medical devices;
- Protection window added, good sealing, small size in the slow axis direction.


- 2-40bar/stack;
- Easy maintenance;
- Application: pumping, material processing, medical devices;
- Designed for QCW application;
- Hard solder packaging technology.
Conduction Cooled


- 2-24 bar/stack;
- Up to 300W per bar;
- Wavelength: 808nm, 9xxnm;
- Suitable for high temperature operation, up to 74?;
- For illumination or pumping application, long standoff for side-pumping application

Vertical Stack VS series (CW)

HVSMaCC series (QCW)

G-Stack Diode Lasers(QCW)