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Mid-IR DFB Lasers for Spectroscopy

2014-09-02 14:11:50


Mid-IR DFB Lasers for Spectroscopy

The mid-IR DFB lasers are fabricated using MBE grown InGaAsSb/AlGaAsSb triple quantum well structures and can typically cover the wavelength region of 2000-3600nm.  Mid-IR DFB lasers offer significantly higher sensing sensitivity for many of the gas species that are of interest to industrial safety monitoring applications.  Commonly used wavelengths include 2333nm for CO, 2475nm for HF, and 3270nm for CH4 sensing applications.


The TO can style packaging configuration consists of miniature thermoelectric cooler housed inside a TO-39 can, with a slanted window and the option of collimation lens. The TO packaging design is compact and ideal for point sensing systems. 


Features and Specifications:

  • Integrated DFB grating provides single frequency opera[1]on
  • Frequency tuning by adjusting laser current or temperature  
  • Tuning range of 8 nm without mode hopping
  • Temperature tuning control:  0.2 nm / °C
  • Current tuning control:  0.1 nm / mA
  • Output Power:  4-6 mW
  • Threshold Current:  80 mA

Available Wavelengths  (Center wavelength):

  • 2330 nm
  • 2465 nm
  • 2475 nm
  • 2485 nm
  • 2495 nm
  • 2505 nm
  • 3230-3270 nm

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