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Nano-Giga revendeur exclusif des filtres accordables fibrés de 1µm -1.6µm WL Photonics

2015-03-13 14:09:37


WL Photonics Inc. is a leading developer and provider of tunable fiber laser modules, tunable narrowline mode-hopping-free/ASE-noise-free tunable fiber lasers, fiber lasers, fast wavelength-swept fiber lasers, fast wavelength-linear-swept fiber laser, low cost fiber optic spectrum analyzers, optical channel monitors and custom solutions.

Feature Products

WL Photonics Inc. has released a series of optical isolators for free space high power applications over 1025nm to 1085nm band and also fiber pigtail broadband polarization-insensitive isolators over 840+/-40nm and 1060+/-50nm bands. WL Photonics Inc. has the knowledge, experience, production facilities in house and inventory-carried materials to satisfy volume and custom requirements, especially for OEM applications. Please contact WL Photonics Sales for specific inquiries.